Things To Get Your Mom For Mother's Day That Don't Cost Any Money

Every year I ask my mom what she’d like for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday, and without fail she tells me nothing. She’ll maybe throw in that she’d like a hug from me or a extra long phone visit, but she always tells me she doesn’t want me to spend any money.

Since I think my mom is bomb, here are some things you can give to your giver-of-life this Mother’s Day. Did I mention they don’t cost a dime?

  1. Call your mom when you get home from work this week. Send her a text. Check in on her at lunch. Let her know that you’re doing okay and not dead in a ditch somewhere. Give her peace of mind.

  2. Send your mom a letter. I know the stamp will technically cost something, but you can probably steal one from work if you’re really dedicated. Give her a little note that shows your care.

  3. If you live near your mom, stop by and cook her dinner or clean up around the house. Give her a night off. She definitely deserves one.

  4. If you live far from your mom, plan your next visit. Give her a date that she can look forward to seeing you next. Finalize some plans for once!

  5. Lastly, just let her know you care. That’s all she really wants.

Kassie Shanafelt